Hey, I’m New Here!

First, we want to welcome you and invite you to join us at First Baptist Church! Our aim is to make the church a safe place for you to investigate what it means to follow Jesus Christ. That means we want to provide you with information in a non-threatening way and let you determine how you may want to get involved. Here are some options for getting connected…

1. Check Out Our Website

Well, obviously, you’re doing that now! It’s one of the easiest ways to learn about our beliefs, values and the ongoing life of the church. Review the site and if you have questions, contact our pastor by phone or by email. We’d love to talk with you!

2. Come To Church

Join us for for a worship service. We gather every Sunday morning at 11:00 am. This is really the best way to learn what we are all about. You can listen to the sermon, pick up a bulletin, observe other people who are attending, and perhaps visit our Welcome Center.

3. Listen To Some Sermons

Beginning in September 2019, we have been recording and posting the Sunday morning Worship Service Sermons.  Feel free to listen and/or download any of those messages from the pulpit.
Click the word “Sermons” in the navigation menu found at the top of any page in this website to access our Sermon Archive.

4. Visit Our Welcome Center

Our Welcome Center is staffed by friendly people eager to answer your questions and help you get connected at First Baptist Church. Specifically, they can provide you with directions for getting around the church, update you on our Christian Education classes, or just talk to you about other aspects of church life at FBC.

5. Pray

Maybe you’re not sure what the next step is. We encourage you to pray and ask God to provide you with direction. Whether at First Baptist Church or somewhere else, we pray that you would find a place to begin (or continue) your journey towards a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.