Your FIRST Visit: FAQ

What time is your worship service? Our worship service is held each Sunday morning at 11:00am. Our service is rooted in biblical sources, which draws from both the great traditions of the church as well as contemporary expressions of worship. Our worship service generally runs for about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Do you have Sunday School Classes? Yes. There are classes – Bible study groups – for all ages and interests. These begin at 9:30am. If you come to our worship service, you can come early for Sunday school class.
What can I expect when I drive onto your church campus? We want your experience at First Baptist to be positive at all points. That’s why you’ll find reserved visitor parking near the main entrance and a friendly person with a smile on their face to greet you at the door. As a matter of fact, we have multiple greeters ready to answer your questions and get you going in the right direction – from childcare to restrooms to finding the sanctuary.
When should I arrive? We suggest you arrive about ten minutes before the worship service (or Sunday school class) begins. This would give you plenty of time to find a convenient parking place, check out our children’s ministry area, and find the right seat in the sanctuary. If it’s a crazy morning and you’re running late, don’t let that keep you from joining us. We understand that sometimes it’s just “one of those days,” and perhaps those are the most important ones for getting together with friendly people to worship and be rejuvenated.
What should I wear? You’ll find a wide variety of dress at First Baptist. Some prefer to wear a suit and tie or a skirt and blouse, while others are more comfortable dressing casually, wearing jeans and a polo shirt. So feel free to come dressy or casual. You won’t have to change your wardrobe to worship here.
What do you have for my children? We know that as a parent you need be sure that your children are in a safe learning environment. And we know that your children are looking for a fun place to learn. We’ve invested a lot to make sure that both of these goals are reached. You’ll see that in the areas the children meet in, and even more in the volunteers who work with your kids. Our children’s ministry volunteers love working with children, and it shows! [FBC maintains a “safe church” policy, and requires background screening of all employees and all volunteers working with children and youth.]
The children’s ministry meets during the church worship  hour (at 11:00 am). We encourage young children to worship along with their parents during the first portion of the service, but we do provide nursery area for infants and toddlers. With kids in the service we try to make things interactive enough to keep their attention, and we understand that “kids will be kids” sometimes.
What kind of music do you have? Our service includes a variety of music styles. You’ll hear some of the common worship songs that you’ll find on Christian radio stations. You’ll also hear the classic, inspirational hymns. We most often use our piano and organ, but also include occasional soundtracks and music videos.
What are the messages like? We believe that the Bible is both exciting and relevant for our lives today, so that’s how the message is taught. Our pastor’s message is easy-to-understand and practical for dealing with real life. The goal is for you to come away with something that you can personally apply, a way for you to grow closer to the God who knows and loves you.
What kind of church is this? First Baptist is a grace-driven church for a grace-needing world. We understand that people need God’s grace and love, and it’s our goal to show it. We are part of the denomination known as the American Baptist Churches, USA, which has a long-standing tradition of loving God and showing his love to others.
We also like to network with other churches in our area, even churches from different denominations. We aren’t in competition with them; rather, we’re on the same team, reaching out to communities with God’s love.
We are a wonderfully diverse church with a membership that reflects many cultures and nationalities. Our congregation includes families — both long-time residents of Dover, and recent arrivals from China, Haiti, Jamaica, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand. Together we are part of the family of God.
We also believe the Bible is God’s word, and we strive to hold to it and teach it as best we can. We’re far from perfect, so if you’re looking for a perfect church just keep looking!
Do you take communion?
We do take Communion as a way to remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is something Jesus told his followers to do, so that we do not forget his sacrifice for us. Communion is observed during our worship services on the first Sunday of every month, which involves  individual sized and sealed cups that include a wafer and grape juice. If you feel uncomfortable participating in communion that’s okay; you can simply use this quiet time for personal reflection. This is your chance to connect with God in your own way.